I miss you Cilla! We all miss you. It’s the hardest to describe all the feelings and emotions that are going on with me and my family. All of us cousins are devastated we lost the rock of all our cousins! Cilla you were such a beautiful women. I always looked up to you and now I really will have to 😭. The most beautiful angel I know. Gods plan was to bring you home but I can’t help but be in denial about you not being in flesh here with all of us. You don’t understand how hard it is to see every face that finds out what happen. I miss you so much. You were like another big sister to me. You inspire me to be a strong, independent, loving, and caring women. You’re in heaven watching over all of us now with grandpa Jose and make sure you give him a kiss and dance for me. You will forever be missed and never forgotten. I love you Cilla. See you later. 😘





loves of my life yup

this is perfect.

Beautiful men

Truuuuu lol jk

Remind me of my debut!!!!

I love flowers